What is a Clean Break?
A Clean Break is a voluntary agreement entered in to between the husband and wife within the divorce which will bring about a financial settlement of their financial affairs. The divorce itself will not bring about a severance or Clean Break in relation to the parties financial affairs, this is completed by a separate application to the Court within the context of the divorce under what is known as a Clean Break Consent Order. This Order can either bring about a Clean Break or bring about a Clean Break with additional clauses dealing with a time table for the sale of the matrimonial home or for pension sharing arrangements etc.

How much does it cost?
We charge £37 for a DIY Divorce, £67 for a Personalised DIY Divorce service and £147.00 for a managed divorce which is completed without a Clean Break or £247.00 for a divorce completed with a Clean Break. The court costs are extra and these are £340 court issue fee and £45 court fee for the Decree Absolute; which everyone has to pay.

How does a divorce work out online?
With a divorce in England and Wales, there is no requirement for either party to attend court and therefore the proceedings are a paper exercise and are conducive to being done on line

How long will a divorce take?
Usually four to five months as long as the divorce is uncontested.

How does the divorce process work?
In order to initiate a divorce in England and Wales, it must first be demonstrated that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. In order to demonstrate this point you can issue one of five different divorce petitions and they range from an immediate divorce where you allege that your partner has either acted unreasonably or has committed adultery through to petitioner based on two years separation with consent, five years separation or desertion. When the divorce petition has been chosen, the petition is then issued through the County Court where a file will be opened. The Court will then process the petition and send out the divorce petition with an acknowledgement of service to the respondent. The acknowledgement of service is then completed and signed by the respondent who upon returning this to the court undefended will then allow the petitioner to issue an application for a Decree Nisi. When a Decree Nisi has been declared a period of six weeks and one day has to lapse before an application can be made for a decree absolute. Once this is issued you are divorced.

What do you mean by uncontested divorce?
This is where both parties to the marriage agree that a divorce is going to take place.

What if my divorce is contested?
We can still represent you, but an uncontested divorce will take a lot more time and because of this we cannot agree to a fixed fee divorce. To find out more about this please call us on freephone 0345 257 0406.

Do I have to attend court?
This rarely happens; however, if this is required we will advise you.